This section contains evidence of the healing power of Jesus and from God with the Holy Spirit.

Healing was done on this Earth by Jesus and followers of Jesus. Initially these followers were the twelve Apostles or Disciples of Jesus.

Today Jesus still heals people through His followers too.

Several of these current followers of Jesus heal people with a range of illnesses and diseases. Some of these include back pain from injury or wear and tear, arthritis, asthma, crooked arms and legs, cancer, and more.

Evidence of the works of these Healers through the power of the Holy Spirit from God in the name of Jesus is recorded for all to witness on video.

Healings by Pete Cabrera Jr. and other followers:

This one is my favourite video of healings in Jesus’ name at a carnival in Kansas. Pete instructs a new healer Michael Leatherwood from Texas to heal a back injury of a man who has had pain for several months. The reaction from the injured man is priceless. Then he goes to tell a woman nearby who is suffering the pain of arthritis throughout her body what happened to him. Pete then helps this healed man to heal the woman as he is a believer now of the healing power of God through our Lord Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. The results are amazing. There are tears of joy all around.


In this video Pete Cabrera Jr traveled to Colima Manzanillio Mexico to train Juan Meza. They walked into a local market to do healings and minister. Juan healed one lady near the entrance and from there word spread like wild fire. Very soon they were going from stall to stall with Juan using the name of Jesus Christ for healing people from back pain, foot pain, and a man who was lame. For the next hour they barely venture more than a few stalls past the entrance as they were being swamped with requests to heal friends, work collegues and family members.

Here’s another amazing healing. A man who had suffered a stroke was legally blind and had suffered damage in both of his eyes and was healed by the power of the living God. Watch him use his new eyes for the first time in 6 years.

This woman had a severe back injury and had a metal rod that fused her spine. She could not walk without a walking frame and had constant severe pain for 8 years. God heals her in the name of Jesus in a couple of minutes. Watch her joyus reaction:


 Posted on : September 10, 2014 - Last updated on Sep 28, 2014
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